How Much Practice?

Is it better to be one of those people who is able to practice 8 hours everyday? How much practice is enough practice? As many of us teachers say, it is often more about quality not quantity. For those who practice a ton of hours every day, it isn’t continuous, and you can often find a lot of these precious minutes going to waste from “auto-pilot”. This great article from the Bulletproof Musician explains in more detail about having a different perspective about practicing. It isn’t just endless repetition, but rather every note is being purposefully thought out and played. It isn’t about ripping through beginning to end of a piece, but isolating sections and getting them to be just right. Learning to focus and concentrate for short bursts of time will be more productive than endless hours of repetition. (It is difficult trying to get an Asian mom to understand this~they want 100+ times and perfect every time~but that is another article)

Try giving yourself a limit. Reachable goals in short spans of time. (like 10 minutes- 30 minutes) Then move on. I think with that kind of specific playing and limitation concentration will make one focus better and moving on will keep you from getting stuck on any one passage. Go read this article! It has great insight!


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